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Alex Mäder


I'm Alex. An industrial engineer in his late 20s working in web development. I wasn't always a developer. This is my story.

Alex making scrambled eggs


That's me preparing scrambled eggs in Yellowstone Park in 2016. Not far from here, I was born a triplet in Denver, Colorado in 1993! There were three single eggs, so I have two wonderful sisters.

Castle of Rapperswil


The hatched eggs did not stay long in the USA. Back in 2006, we moved to Rapperswil-Jona, the most beautiful city on Lake Zurich. I studied industrial engineering there and still live here today and love it.

Alex Mäder holding a card


In 2020 I successfully transitioned from product management to web development, largely thanks to an intensive full-stack course in Zurich. Now I design and develop websites professionally.

Dice and an old looking book


I don't always meet the criteria, but deep down I'm a nerd and I love playing Dungeons & Dragons. A tabletop role-playing game where drama and game mechanics come together.

Max Muster


For me it is important to have a good work-life balance, and for that I like to watch movies, play video games, read, meet friends and go for walks.

My Design Principles


By reusing established material, I already have a proof of concept. For example, the design of this website is inspired by the style of the Memphis Group from the 1980s.


I have open eyes and ears when it comes to new insights about humans interacting on a screen. For example, after the Zeigarnik effect you can remember best unfini

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Minimalistic design is easier to navigate, loads faster and is better scannable.


I enjoy creating a website, and I hope that is reflected in the design. I build the user a playground where they can click buttons, zoom around, and explore.

Portfolio Project

Two mobile screens of a portfolio project

Tech Stack

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